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Wind Damage
Weather can be extremely unpredictable, and with most powerful storms come strong winds. High gusts of wind can easily result in shingles being lifted or even blown off a roof. If this damage is accompanied by heavy rain, water can quickly penetrate the underlying layers of your roof – allowing moisture access to sensitive areas of the roof and potentially inside your home.

If you suspect that your home has sustained wind damage, you need to call a trusted local roofer for immediate roof repair. At Pitched Perfect Roofing, we can inspect your roof soon after the storm passes and ensure that repairs are done as quickly as possible to prevent any additional issues.

How to Tell If Your Roof Has Sustained Wind Damage
While your roof is designed to resist the average wind event, high winds can cause incremental or immediate damage. How do you know if your roof has succumbed to the elements? Use these tips to help you determine whether you need to call a roofer.
• You see shingles on the ground, an obvious sign of wind damage.
• Shingles look damaged or out of place.
• There is debris or branches on the roof.
• Gutters contain excessive debris, especially granules from shingles.
• There is damage to metal flashing or gutters.
For your safety, don’t climb onto your roof to do the inspection, but you can use binoculars. Otherwise, wait for our local professionals to assist you.

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