A Simple Roof Repair Can Dramatically Extend the Life of Your Roof
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Roof Damage Repair
Every roof will reach the point where a small fix can no longer stop the leaks, but it should take many years to get to this point. However, residential and commercial owners can hasten this end by failing to perform adequate roof repair and maintenance.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a leak can lead to serious damage to your home or business. For example, if a leak persists for a long time, it can weaken the wood structure of your roof and even cause the ceiling to collapse. Don’t risk these and other disasters. Contact your local roofing contractor, Pitched Perfect Roofing, to inspect your roofing and fix any minor issues before they become bigger nightmares.

What Causes Leaks?
Leaks can have a variety of causes. For example, as the wind blows, it can tear off shingles or toss tree limbs onto your roof. Metal flashing may become damaged, allowing water to penetrate these areas. Sometimes, if your roof wasn’t properly installed in the first place, it can quickly develop leaks.

While you might not be able to see the cause, there may be signs that your roof is leaking. Moisture in the attic, clumping insulation and dark stains on your ceiling are indications that you need roof repair services. If you suspect that your roofing system has been compromised, Pitched Perfect Roofing offers free estimates on our services, where we’ll do an inspection and find the source of the damage.

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Pitched Perfect Roofing has over 15 years of experience in the repair and replacement of residential and commercial roofing systems. Our company was built on the philosophy that customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. Our attention to detail, workmanship and customer satisfaction set us apart from other contractors in the area. Schedule your free estimate now by calling us at (240) 372-4330.
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